The Basics: BitwiseHacks is a unique opportunity for secondary school and university students to participate in a fast-paced hackathon environment, while competing against their peers for unique opportunities in Hong Kong's vibrant tech and startup space, as well as other prizes.

What's a "Hackathon" Anyways: A hackathon is an event where developers, designers, and entrepreneurs 'hack' together a solution to a problem, and then present their work in a formal round of judging. While the word, "hack," has a generally negative connotation, it is important to remember the context. There shall be no hacking of malicious nature at BitwiseHacks.

Who Should Attend: Secondary and university students interested in entrepreneurship, graphic design, and programming. Since a winning team requires a broad range of expertise, we encourage people with skills in any of these arenas to participate.   Pre-event Webinars: Two pre-event webinars will be hosted on the Monday and Wednesday before the event on YouTube, as a live feed. More details about these webinars will be sent as updates to registered participants.

The Schedule:

February 20th:

10:30 - Doors open, and registration opens

11:00 - Registration continues and event officially begins. Networking time

11:30 - Ideathon. Pitch some thoughts, and recruit team members

12:00 - The clock starts, and work officially begins

13:00 - Workshops led by experts, and leading students begin; optional and casual

16:00 - Workshops are concluded; casually

18:00 - Dinner

20:00 - Some more casual workshops(pitch-oriented), and help will be available through the night

23:59 - Midnight snacks

February 21st :

09:30 - Breakfast

11:30 - Technical presentation setup briefing, and run through


12:15 - Presentations begin

13:00 - Presentations finish

13:15 - Judges release winners

13:15 - Awards are given


* All team members must be currently enrolled students

* All work must be completed between the hours of February 20th 12:00 to February 21st at 12:00, 2016. Offenders will be disqualified.

* Teams must consist of no more than 5 persons

Hackathon Sponsors


$22,747 in prizes

Top Overall

The top overall winner will receive 5000HKD sponsored by MiQ, one free month of hot desk space for each team member at the Paperclip HK coworking space(valued at 2000HK/month/team member for up to five team members), and one free TI-CC3200 Launchpad from AT&T (valued at 230HKD).

Best Software

The best solution in its software merits will receive 2000HKD and one TI-CC3200 Launchpad from AT&T (valued at 230HKD).

Best Hardware

The best solution in its hardware merits will receive 2000HKD and one TI-CC3200 Launchpad from AT&T (valued at 230HKD).

Judges' Choice

The judges' choice winner will receive a VEX Robotics IQ Super Kit, that is valued at 3048HKD retail

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Johnny Quattro

Johnny Quattro
CEO MiQ Limited, Jamn, Mixably

Sandy Verma

Sandy Verma
Senior Director of Asia Pacific for IoT / AT&T

John Mulligan

John Mulligan
Director of Global Network Engineering / AT&T

Alan Li

Alan Li
Technology Director / AT&T

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Is your app innovative in its solution, architecture, and implementation?
  • User Interface and Experience
    We're looking for beauty and elegance in presentation, with a smooth user experience.
  • Functionality
    How well did your demo function?
  • Features
    Your demo and presentation should show off powerful features relevant to your solution.
  • Potential
    Your app should have potential as a profitable and marketable product in the marketplace. Seeing as this is not purely a coding competition, it is necessary to have this in mind while architecting your solution and the presentation.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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