BitwiseHacks is a unique opportunity for secondary school and university students to participate in a fast-paced hackathon

The Basics: BitwiseHacks is a unique opportunity for secondary school and university students to participate in a fast-paced hackathon environment, while competing against their peers for unique opportunities in Hong Kong's vibrant tech and startup space, as well as other prizes.

What's a "Hackathon" Anyways: A hackathon is an event where developers, designers, and entrepreneurs 'hack' together a solution to a problem, and then present their work in a formal round of judging. While the word, "hack," has a generally negative connotation, it is important to remember the context. There shall be no hacking of malicious nature at BitwiseHacks.

Who Should Attend: Secondary and university students interested in entrepreneurship, graphic design, and programming. Since a winning team requires a broad range of expertise, we encourage people with skills in any of these arenas to participate.   Pre-event Webinars: Two pre-event webinars will be hosted on the Monday and Wednesday before the event on YouTube, as a live feed. More details about these webinars will be sent as updates to registered participants.

The Schedule:

February 20th:

10:30 - Doors open, and registration opens

11:00 - Registration continues and event officially begins. Networking time

11:30 - Ideathon. Pitch some thoughts, and recruit team members

12:00 - The clock starts, and work officially begins

13:00 - Workshops led by experts, and leading students begin; optional and casual

16:00 - Workshops are concluded; casually

18:00 - Dinner

20:00 - Some more casual workshops(pitch-oriented), and help will be available through the night

23:59 - Midnight snacks

February 21st :

09:30 - Breakfast

11:30 - Technical presentation setup briefing, and run through


12:15 - Presentations begin

13:00 - Presentations finish

13:15 - Judges release winners

13:15 - Awards are given

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* All team members must be currently enrolled students

* All work must be completed between the hours of February 20th 12:00 to February 21st at 12:00, 2016. Offenders will be disqualified.

* Teams must consist of no more than 5 persons


Johnny Quattro

Johnny Quattro
CEO MiQ Limited, Jamn, Mixably

Sandy Verma

Sandy Verma
Senior Director of Asia Pacific for IoT / AT&T

John Mulligan

John Mulligan
Director of Global Network Engineering / AT&T

Alan Li

Alan Li
Technology Director / AT&T

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Is your app innovative in its solution, architecture, and implementation?
  • User Interface and Experience
    We're looking for beauty and elegance in presentation, with a smooth user experience.
  • Functionality
    How well did your demo function?
  • Features
    Your demo and presentation should show off powerful features relevant to your solution.
  • Potential
    Your app should have potential as a profitable and marketable product in the marketplace. Seeing as this is not purely a coding competition, it is necessary to have this in mind while architecting your solution and the presentation.